Pfizer Getting Old


In partnership with 10 health-care advocacy groups, Pfizer launched a very interesting program that invites people of all ages to share their attitudes toward and stories about aging. They’ve set up a Web site — — where people can do that sharing and also get information about various aspects of, well, getting old. Pfizer says it wants to be a leader in this area, helping open a dialogue about and promoting better understanding of aging.

On June 19th, Pfizer invited their employees at their headquarters to bring their families to work to celebrate Getting Old together. POP created two custom photo activations, a Live Portrait Studio to capture those special family moments and a POPhalo Pod studio for animated GIFs and a unique animated digital overlay. The Family Portraits were not only shared on social but also printed onto photo papers and inserted into branded envelopes to add that special touch to commemorate the special day.




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