Nespresso Lounge at Tribeca Film Festival


Came for the films and stayed for the coffee -- From April 19th to the 28th Nespresso was posted up at the Tribeca Film Festival touting caffeine for buzzing and comfy space for lazing in the Nespresso Lounge, set up in the iconic Spring Studios in New York, New York. Popping up right in the thick of the festivities of the world-famous Tribeca Film Festival, the Nespresso Lounge was a relaxing haven for festival-goers to sit back, mingle, and get caffeinated!


Within the lounge, POPsocial was working an oasis of our own using our POPhalo Pod to capture whimsical GIFS of event guests. The installation featured a swinging bench nestled in our own custom-designed garden of oversized paper flowers mounted on the wall backdrop and blooming out of the ground. Over the course of the festival, POPsocial captured 10 lively days of loungers swinging, sipping, and socializing.




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