Postmates "We Get It" Launch


Food, glorious food (delivered right to you)! On April 17th, Postmates hosted an event at the Tacombi Empire State Building in New York City, celebrating the launch of its new marketing campaign, “We get it.” With taglines like “For when you want pad see ew without pad seeing anyone,” and “When you want omakase, but your bra’s off,” the campaign is a humorous acknowledgement of the crucial place that Postmates has in the lives of busy people in an increasingly digital world. Already launched in Los Angeles, Postmates celebrated the campaign’s new implementation all the way across the country in the city that never sleeps.


POPsocial got to deliver the photobooth to the company that delivers anything and everything. With our POPhale Lite, we captured GIFs of event-goers in front of a trendy bubblegum pink backdrop. Keeping in theme with the witty, yet minimalist campaign, all GIFs featured a simple caption of “Postmates | We get it.” Because creating awesome shareable pictures and videos to keep brands social-- POPsocial gets it.  





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