POPsocial Headshot Happiest Hour Ever


That’s right! We invited 50 of our favorite POP family and friends, and threw them the happiest hour event on Tuesday (May 15) at Bar Freud, NYC. The entire POPsocialite gang, from L.A. to Toronto, converged in New York City to meet everyone!  

It was truly amazing to see how POPsocial has thrived in the last few years and how we’ve grown our team of Women Who Tech. In the past year, while we continue to focus on introducing the latest and best photo and video experiences, we’ve also  doubled in size and expanded into new markets. Shelly has always been a big supporter of growing a company and network of diversity and depth. It’s a proud moment for the team to reach these important growth milestones and be rewarded by seeing the POP fam and friends group grow by the day.